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Solve any problem

A short, introductory course on how to shift to a higher state of consciousness

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Presented by Virginia Robin,
Founder & CEO at Conscious Business Consulting Group.

This short course teaches you three simple, yet unconventional steps to solve any problem, by looking at how you judge yourself and the world around you.

Did you know that the way you experience your life is a result of the judgments you are making?


You have been taught to place a value on everything you encounter and every choice you make.

When you judge something as 'bad', it becomes a problem that also feels bad. In short, you want to feel good, so you want the problem to go away. Traditional methods of problem-solving do not solve problems in sustainable ways.


This is because we have not been factoring in, the unseen elements of our problems.

This is all about learning about states of consciousness and having the ability to shift your consciousness at will. States of consciousness are feeling states.

This course will take you through some fun exercises to get to know more about how your feeling self can navigate you through a problem with some real-life practical examples that you can apply to your own life.

When you have learned these three steps, you will have the ability to see that there really is no problem at all, just the opportunity to find out more about yourself and as you do, you begin to feel good again.

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