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What We Do

Conscious business practices and conscious leadership are qualities now sought by clients seeking aligned solutions for a sustainable future. Future team members are seeking more than 'good pay' or wellness programs.


At present, however, many organizations can only offer a rote 'ticked box' approach to sustainability, given that they are unaware of how their organization needs to embody these principles. 

As society progresses, it will become apparent that the quality of highly conscious practice cannot be 'faked' . It cannot be delivered by vision statements, wellness retreats or words alone.


We offer bespoke guidance from developing intuitive decision-making skills through to entire organizational revitalization programs. Click through to book a free introductory session to discuss guidance tailored to your needs. 

For start ups

Whilst we can assist startups engage a suite of highly conscious advisors, including accountants, lawyers and marketing specialists aligning with their business model, for those seeking truly conscious practices, our specialty lies in assessing and training on ways to develop a highly conscious resonant signature, as this will have a direct impact on future decision making and organizational projections.

For existing organizations

This is for organizations who realize that their old systems are no longer functional. These old systems, have been developed using the master/servant model. They are closed systems which often exhibit toxic behavioural patterns arising from power imbalances. These closed systems, with a top-down power structure, will naturally expire. In this instance, the closed system exhibits a resonant signature which needs to be shifted toward one that reflects an open state to rebalance power, revitalize stagnancy and expand creativity.

For charities and not for profit organizations

Charities and non-profit or not-for-profit organizations are poised to embody and benefit from highly conscious practises more than most other organizations. Why? The inherent nature of the individuals attracted to these organizations bring with them a more conscious perspective than most others. Embodiment of highly conscious practice opens scope for more effective community connection, particularly in developing the ability to raise consciousness associated with the organization's stakeholders.

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