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As a former practising lawyer, Virginia Robin has worked with many organizations spanning sole proprietor businesses to major governmental institutions.


For more than a decade, her work and study with world leaders in the emerging field of consciousness taught her that whilst society is looking for sustainable solutions, there remains a critical element missing before society will experience the desired changes.


A lack of understanding of the true nature of consciousness has resulted in implementation of practises such as greenwashing and 'ticked box' wellness regimes. Expansion into a sustainable consciousness model will only happen when


the 'unseen' elements governing organizations which are directly correlated to the consciousness of the individuals is explored.

Virginia Robin is a disruptor of systemic stagnancy and dissatisfaction. Her methods are unorthodox, but that’s what disruptors do. 


Mining the untapped commodity of higher consciousness within an organization, she helps guide teams to a more coherent place, increasing workflow, satisfaction and revitalizing bottom lines. 

Read more about her here.

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