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We are a niche consultancy firm delivering innovative, highly conscious communication methods.

Why be highly conscious?

The short answer is, that it brings us what we ultimately want in every area of our lives: peace


Most of the difficulties we face in the business setting, and in life itself, arise from ineffective or unconscious communication. You might say or do something, yet your colleagues, your clients, or your family and friends believe you conveyed, or should convey something quite different. You are then faced with a dispute.

Every single person has a unique perspective that colors what they say, and what they hear, no matter how impartial they believe themselves to be. Furthermore, our perspectives tend to be held together by the different environments we participate in.

In the workplace, for instance, we tend to communicate more competitively, in fear that our place within the hierarchy will be affected if we are not engaging in ways expected by our peers or clients.

In home or social settings, we might communicate differently depending on the expectations placed upon us within those environments.


In either case, you might say that each of those environments can have a disturbed feeling about them. That feeling is what holds us in a negative state, or a lower state of consciousness.


It is the feeling we experience

in our environments

which indicate

the state of consciousness


To move to a peaceful state, means to move ourselves to a higher state of consciousness, despite our environment. This is how sustainable change occurs.


It is now apparent that 'consciousness' has become a buzzword that until understood at a deeper level, will not produce enduring results. 

It is less about the words or actions you take when communicating and more about the state of being that you are communicating from. When you learn how to communicate from a highly conscious place you will notice a few things happen:

  1. Your environments become more coherent, or peaceful.

  2. You experience less disturbance from others.

  3. You attract others who exhibit similar levels of consciousness into your workspace, and in social settings.

  4. The business enterprise also becomes more highly conscious, attracting clients of a similar nature.

  5. You and your enterprise flourish in a more sustainable way.

  6. And...


You become excited

to greet your day.

If you'd like to greet your day

with a greater level of excitement

book a free appraisal

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